The relationship between Marine Le Pen and her father and former mentor Jean-Marie had grown sour due to their opposing views on the political path taken by France's far-right.

But despite the ongoing feud, Marine, 46, lived at the family estate near Paris until the dispute with her 85-year-old father was taken to a whole new level - by their pets.

According to L'Express magazine, Marine decided to move out of Domaine de Montretou in Saint-Cloud after one of her Bengal cats was killed by Jean-Marie's dog, a Doberman.

The incident affected her so badly, she packed her belonging and relocated a few kilometres away in Celle Saint-Cloud, a move local press claim she had been considering for a sometime.

Marine's place was taken by her nice, French lawmaker Marion Maréchal-Le Pen, 24, who has reportedly moved into the vacant property.

Jean-Marie's dogs also remain at the estate, although their owner is said to spend most of his time at another property in Rueil-Malmaison.

Marine took the reins of France's Front National party from Jean-Marie, who founded the party in 1972, in 2011 and has since been successfully working to clean up its long-standing image of a racist and anti-Semitic movement.

In three years, mother-of-three Marine has managed to turn FN from fringe party to mainstream political force, scoring several electoral successes.

FN came first in France in the latest European elections, securing 25% of the vote, and earlier this week, won its first two seats in the French Senate.

As part of the clean-up, however, Jean-Marie - who remains the FN chairman - has been gagged and pushed to the margins.

In June, his blog was ousted from FN official website after he allegedly used the platform to lambast one of his more vocal critics, Jewish singer Patrick Bruel, saying: "We'll do an oven load next time."

The comment was widely interpreted as a reference to crematoria used by the Nazis in concentration camps during the Holocaust and described as a "political mistake" by Marine.

Le Pen senior didn't appreciate and in turn attacked his daughter saying she had aligned FN to a mainstream party he much dislikes.

"They want to resemble to the other political parties," he said. "I am a free man, I'm not forced to march in the paths traced by the single thought."