Mark Wahlberg
Mark Wahlberg gets irritated when actors come their job to working in the military. Reuters

Mark Wahlberg has hit out at actors who compare their jobs to fighting in Afghanistan.

The Pain &Gain star delivered an expletive-filled speech during the premiere of his latest movie Lone Survivor.

The military-inspired film is an adaptation of Petty Officer Marcus Luttrell's account of his Navy Seals mission in Afghanistan in July of 2005.

Wahlberg launched into a foul-mouthed rant when asked about the rigorous training he had to undertake for the film.

He said: "For actors to sit there and talk about 'oh I went to seal training?' I don't give a f**k what you did."

"For somebody to sit there and say 'my job was as difficult as being in the military.' How f**king dare you, while you sit in a makeup chair for two hours.

"I don't give a s**t if you get your ass busted. You get to go home at the end of the day. You get to go to your hotel room. You get to order your f**king chicken.

His comments come just days after Tom Cruise faced backlash for comparing his gruelling acting schedule to a military tour of duty.

The Mission Impossible star made the comments in a court deposition for a $50 million libel case he has brought against Life & Style and In Touch magazines.

In the legal documents 51-year-old gave the reasons behind not having contact with his daughter Suri for extended periods during the shooting of thriller Edge of Tomorrow aka All You Need Is Kill.

The opposing lawyer said: "Now your counsel has publicly equated your absence from Suri for these extended periods of time as being analogous to someone fighting in Afghanistan,"

Cruise apparently responded: "I didn't hear the Afghanistan, but that's what it feels like and certainly on this last movie it was brutal, it was brutal."

Cruises' lawyer Bert Fields insisted that the comments were taken out of context.

"The assertions that Tom Cruise likened making a movie to being at war in Afghanistan is a gross distortion of the record," Fields said in a statement.

"What Tom said, laughingly, was that sometimes, 'That's what it feels like.'"