Mark Wright has finally explained his American twang after moving to Los Angeles for his new job on US Entertainment show Extra.

The 31-year-old former Towie star also revealed he would ditch his stateside showbiz career for his wife Michelle Keegan if she asked him to return to the UK.

Wright, who was recently caught liking racy photos of Rita Ora on Instagram, appeared on today's Good Morning Britain live from LA where he insisted that his marriage came before anything else.

Speaking of his beloved wife of three years, he said: "Yeah, I mean if Michelle didn't like living here and she wanted me to move home, and she preferred life back home, then for sure I would... that comes first...

"It's not going to come to that, but if it ever did, then yes of course, marriage and my love life is definitely first."

Though the couple are more loved up than ever, Wright has expressed on more than one occasion that he struggles to be apart from his actress wife, who was busy filming BBC series Our Girl in Malaysia, South Africa and Nepal for the best part of 2017.

Wright added: "Yes I miss her, yes she misses me... Right now we make sure we see each other as much as we can."

Despite earning success across the pond as an entertainment reporter, Wright has been mocked for his ever-evolving accent during his interviews with celebrities by his loyal UK following.

Addressing his new US twang, the Essex boy puts it down to elocution lessons to "neutralise" his formerly thick accent.

After Piers Morgan asked him about the elocution lessons, he replied: "Yes I have, 100%, and I would never deny that.

"My boss, when I first met her, was like 'What is this accent? Is this what they call Cockney? You sound Irish, you sound Scottish. I can't even understand you sometimes. You need to slow it down, you need to pronounce your words more."

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"So with that I took it on board, and was like, right, I'm having elocution lessons, I'm not going to fail at this when I've been given such a great opportunity," he added.

Back in October, Wright left fans confused after he debuted his new accent on a teaser clip of his interview with Liam Neeson on Instagram, with some people "cringing" over his new voice.

His most recent interview with Elton John also caused a stir, with one amused fan tweeting: "Just watched @MarkWright_ interview with Sir Elton. Mark's accent had me in stitches, what a P***! Ashamed of your Essex roots Mark?! Shouldn't change who you are!"

A second viewer wrote: "What the actual f*** @MarkWright_ I love his Essex accent, what's going on here," while another said: "Watching USA TV hear this voice and it's Mark Wright. Fair play to him changing his voice 2 make it in the USA but it sounds wierd [sic]."