charli parker
Charli Parker (L) has been jailed for having sex with her students while husband Jamie (R) awaits trial on similar charges Pickens County Sheriff's Office

A Christian school teacher has been jailed after having sex with two pupils, including in a cemetery. Her husband, who taught at the same private school in Alabama, has also been arrested on similar charges and awaits trial.

Police say Charli Parker, 31, had sexual relations with a male student on at least 11 occasions between October 2014 and March 2016. She was the head coach of the girls' basketball team at Pickens Academy, Carrollton, when she was first arrested in March. She was later fired.

The sex acts included full sexual intercourse and oral sex, according court documents seen by local news site The encounters were said to have taken place at least three times at Parker's home in Pickensville, on four occasions at Graham Cemetery in Reform, and four times at another Reform location described in documents only as a "red wood building".

Parker was also convicted of sexual involvement with a second student. She pleaded guilty on Tuesday 15 August to two counts of a school employee having sex with a pupil under 19. She was jailed for three years as part of a plea deal. Parker will be on five years probation after her release.

The identities and ages of the students were not revealed in court documents.

Chief Assistant Pickens County District Attorney Andy Hamlin told WBRC: "There needs to be a definitive line drawn in the sand that makes a statement to the public that this behaviour will not be tolerated."

He added: "Nobody wants to have to see their kids going through something like that."

He said the parents of the victims were satisfied with the plea agreement. Parker's 33-year-old husband, Jamie Parker, who taught the boys' basketball team, has also been indicted on nine counts of the same charge after alleged sexual involvement with a female student. He is due to stand trial on 27 November.