Two monkeys sparked mayhem at a zoo in Winchester after they escaped from their enclosure.

Marwell zoo was put in lockdown as the Sulawesi Macaque monkeys broke out of their island enclosure just before 1pm on Saturday (10 June).

As keepers raced around the compound with nets to catch the animals, families visiting the zoo were kept inside in an enclosed space.

Both macaques were quickly captured and returned to their enclosure after their escapade.

The zoo issued a statement which read: "Zoo guests and staff were asked to remain indoors while our trained keepers dealt with the situation. The two macaques were returned to their home within 10 minutes.

"Guests were asked to remain indoors for a further 15-20 minutes while Keepers investigated a report from a member of the public that another macaque had been spotted outside its enclosure. It was quickly established that a third macaque had not escaped.

"Our vet team has carried out checks and we are happy to report that the animals came to no harm. At no point were our guests at risk of any harm."

"We are grateful for the way in which our guests cooperated and thank them for their understanding.

An investigation into the incident is due to be carried out The Evening Standard reports.