The Autumn/Winter 2012 collection displayed by the Greece-born Mary Katrantzou on Feb. 21 was all about experimental designs, opulent colors and eclectic patterns.

The designer, who is famous for works in graphic designs, has once again displayed her expressive command over designs with symmetry and patterns. In fact, it was due to this affinity towards creating unique prints that has earned the designer the title - "breakout star of the digital print revolution".

Much of the credit for the designer's flair for textile designs can be attributed to the education and experience she gained by working with Greek designer Sophia Kokosalaki and U.S. fashion house, Bill Blass. Post the launch of her first collection, creations by the designer found their way to around 30 countries and over 60 select boutiques and luxury houses worldwide.

Her current autumn and winter collection has reportedly been inspired by the shades of a crayon box and comprises her signature stiff lampshade-shaped skirts and ruffled waistlines.

According to The Telegraph, her collection was divided into seven color sections, each based on an everyday object like hedgerows, paving stones and teapots. For instance, the red section starred a lovely old typewriter, the white some spoons (Private Eye material), the blue a bathtub and the black the 0-to-9 dials of an old fashioned rotary phone.

Katrantzou's collection was among the finale at the London Fashion Week Womenswear section which also saw a host of other intriguing designs by other couture designers. This included collections by labels like Mulberry, Burberry, Alexander McQueen and many others.

Start the slideshow to get a glimpse of Katrantzou's Autumn/Winter 2012 collection: