A Russian businessman and his partner were attacked in their home near Moscow, Russia early on Monday, November 2, by two masked men. While the woman escaped and alerted the police, her husband was murdered. The victim was identified by local media as Vladimir Marugov. The Investigative Committee of Russia launched a murder investigation and soon arrested one suspect in relation to the crime. The investigation into the businessman's death continues.

The 54-year-old oligarch was found dead by the police in his home a few kilometres from Moscow. He was reportedly shot dead using a crossbow and had been physically assaulted as well. Marugov and his partner, Sabina Gaziyeva, were in their outdoor bath house sauna when the attack occurred.

An unknown number of masked men invaded the businessman's home, tied up the couple and ransacked the property. They were reportedly after money that the entrepreneur had been keeping at home. Sometime during the home invasion, Gaziyeva was able to escape through the window of the bathhouse. She left her partner behind to go and alert the police. Seeking help from her neighbours, the woman was able to alert the police.

By the time the police arrived, the men had left the scene of the crime. The officers discovered that Marugov had been beaten and shot using a crossbow. The victim reportedly bled to death by the time emergency services arrived. While absconding, the assailants left the murder weapon behind.

Soon, the police also found the getaway vehicle used by the men. It was discovered abandoned near the woods in the town of Istra, the Daily Mail reported. According to Radio Sputnik, one man has been arrested as a suspect. The man from Central Asia is being held for questioning as the Investigative Committee continues to look for other suspects. Even though it appears that the men wanted to extort money, the exact motive behind the murder remains unknown.

Marugov is also known as "Sausage King" due to his ownership of several meat-processing plants like Ozyorsky sausages and Meat Empire. He has been involved in a high-profile property dispute with his ex-wife Tatyana Marugova in the past years. Last year in June, the entrepreneur lost his son 25-year-old Alexander in a tragic motorcycle accident.

Russian businessman known as "Sausage King" killed using a crossbow by masked men. (representational image) Reuters