Manchester United striker Mason Greenwood has finally been released on bail on Wednesday. He was arrested and held for questioning on Sunday on suspicion of rape and assault. On Tuesday, he was further arrested on suspicion of making threats to kill on top of the initial allegations by his girlfriend, Harriet Robson.

The 20-year-old England international found himself in the middle of a legal storm after Robson took to social media to accuse him of rape and assault over the weekend. As evidence, she shared photos of her bruised and battered body for all her followers to see.

The Greater Manchester Police became aware of the situation and quickly arrested Greenwood.

Manchester United quickly released a statement saying that the player has been suspended and will not return to training until the investigation has finished. His fate will further be determined by the results of the investigation.

The footballer was held for questioning but no formal charges have been put forward as of now. He is now out on bail and is awaiting further action from authorities who are investigating the case.

However, apart from being kept out of football action, Greenwood is already facing damages in other aspects of his career. Video game developer EA Sports has already pulled out Greenwood's name and likeness from its popular FIFA products. The Manchester United striker is no longer listed in the FIFA 22 active squad list and has also been removed from FIFA Ultimate Team packs and Ultimate Draft.

According to Marca, Greenwood's relationship with mega sportswear brand Nike has also been affected. "We are deeply concerned by the disturbing allegations and will continue to closely monitor the situation," a spokesman for Nike said, while announcing the suspension of their relationship with Greenwood.

Meanwhile, Red Devils fans who had previously purchased jerseys printed with Greenwood's name may have them exchanged for new kits with a different nameset. The exchange will be available for free, allowing fans to quickly replace the items with Greenwood's name on them.

This is a developing story and it remains to be seen if the footballer will be facing formal charges in light of the allegations made against him.

Mason Greenwood
Mason Greenwood Photo: POOL / PHIL NOBLE