‘Mass Effect 3: Extended Cut’ Crytek Producer Backs BioWare’s Decision with DLC Release
Crysis 3 producer, Mike Read backs BioWare’s decision of releasing the Mass Effect 3: Extended Cut DLC, following widespread fan complaints about the game’s original endings. BioWare

Mass Effect 3 (ME3) has hogged the limelight for more than one reason. Its controversial endings and broken plot-holes notwithstanding, BioWare has come under fire on more than one occasion. Nevertheless, the ME3: Extended Cut DLC brought some respite for the beleaguered franchise from Bioware.

In a recent interview with CVG, Crytek and Crysis 3 producer Mike Read sheds some light on the evolution of PC games and the declining scope for next-gen game consoles in light of the rapidly growing PC games industry.

The game producer talks about the revival of Mass Effect 3 franchise through its recreated Extended Cut endings that tried to answer all the missing plot-holes with a clear explanation for each of the three endings. He goes on to back BioWare's decision to release the Mass Effect 3: Extended Cut DLC that brought about a sea change in the dynamics of the franchise and rekindled hopes among disappointed fans.

"I back BioWare on what they did. I think it's an understatement to say people were very vocal, but I think Casey [Hudson, executive producer for Mass Effect 3] made the right decision in coming back and delivering something. It did get mixed receptions as to what it was, but I think overall it was a good choice," asserts Read.

Read also makes a parallel comparison between the linear approaches of Crysis story to a much diversified approach to Mass Effect 3, particularly with the release of expanded endings through Extended Cut DLC. The game producer further talks about the dedicated efforts of developers and gamers that play a crucial role in determining the success of the franchise.

Contrary to Read's comments, in an earlier CVG report, an anonymous employee at an unnamed large gaming publisher blamed the gaming industry for yielding to consumer demands, saying that BioWare's decision to recreate the Mass Effect 3 ending in response to player criticisms could set a dangerous precedent for forthcoming game titles.

According to CVG, the comments are extracts of a live Q&A session with readers on Kotaku. The conversation begins with a question whether it was a real challenge for a "megacompany employee" to deal with criticisms from people with no business insight.

"A lot of the bile comes from a place of ignorance, lack of understanding, etc," explains the unidentified employee. He continues: "It's one of the reasons I wanted to jump on here today. But we can be straight-up evil too. Depends on the situation."

"Gamers are absurdly entitled, but I think they got there because we ask so much money from them every step of the way. No one's demanding reshoots for the final Matrix, because it only cost you 10 bucks to see it. Sometimes I think we in the industry lose sight of what it's like to pay $60 for a piece of entertainment," asserts the mystery employee, supporting the claims of gamers to recreate the Mass Effect 3 endings.

"We're worried about the precedent that Bioware set here. Will it fan the flames on future titles? No one knows for sure," adds the insider.