BioWare has released its final single-player DLC, Citadel, to mark the grand finale of the critically acclaimed Sci-Fi space adventure game trilogy, Mass Effect. It has been almost six years since the launch of the game series, and the developer will allow loyal fans to spend the final moments of the trilogy with their best-loved characters, including Shepard's friends and crew members of Normandy.

According to the BioWare Blog, the new Citadel DLC will unlock after stopping the Cerberus coup attempt on the Citadel and before starting your attack on Cronos Station. The blog FAQ further hints that the decisions made by you in previous games, and the choice of in-game conversations chosen by you in Mass Effect 3 (ME3) will directly influence which characters will make a comeback in ME3's grand finale.

The choices made in Citadel DLC will not alter the ending of ME3, but will make an difference to your Galactic Readiness Factor for the final war against the Reapers.

Check out BioWare's official trailer for the Citadel DLC below:

Going by the official trailer for Citadel DLC and the leaked videos/teasers, it appears that Shepard will get one final opportunity to invest in his love interest and build a memorable bond with his Normandy crew members.

Check out the teaser depicting Tali's romance with Commander Shepard in the Citadel DLC below:

As Forbes points out, BioWare has also confirmed that the game series writer, Mac Walters, would be scripting a new 12-issue comic series - Mass Effect: Foundation, which will loosely link to the Citadel DLC from a character perspective.

As far as core gameplay is concerned, Citadel DLC reportedly treads a light-hearted line, with characters sharing witty conversations amid frantic firefights.

"Citadel feels breezy and lighthearted. It's a stark contrast to the main game's urgency and overall dour tone. From beginning to end, razor-sharp writing and voice acting keeps the mission from taking itself too seriously even in the most desperate of circumstances," Shack News said in its recent report on Citadel DLC gameplay.


Here is a brief mission description for Commander Shepard, which reveals his primary goal and the status quo at the start of Citadel missions (courtesy of Shack News):

"Shepard's goal on this mission is simple: take some time off and relax before the end he - and the player - knows is coming. Shore leave on the Citadel's cut short during a sushi date with Joker. A scene lovingly paying homage to the Joker's fundraiser event entrance in The Dark Knight - similar dialogue, actions, camera angles, you name it - introduces the mission's conflict: someone's hacked Shepard's communications and is out to kill him."

Revealing the gameplay elements of the Mass Effect finale, IGN sheds some light on the character composition and how Citadel DLC stands out from earlier campaign DLCs, Omega and Leviathan. Here are excerpts of the game review (Spoilers):

"The whole ME3 gang is available for most of the main story, along with Wrex (assuming he's still alive, and you cured the genophage), with almost every other squad member from the whole series available for at least one extra character and/or romance scene and a big post-mission party at Shepard's swanky new Citadel apartment. Morinth and Legion are the only ones left out, assuming they're not just very well hidden, with Mordin not appearing in person, but still (posthumously if necessary) sending over an big audio log full of presents.

"At the party, you flit between friends, taking part in conversations about everything from Traynor's crush on EDI to Garrus's ideas about efficient home security."

Achievements and Trophies List Revealed

In related news, the achievements and trophies list for Citadel DLC has been revealed (courtesy of NeoGAF), and is shown in the screenshot below:

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Price Details

The final single player DLC (Citadel) for Mass Effect 3 is now available for purchase at £10.28 ($14.99) on PS3 and PC or 1200 Microsoft Points on Xbox 360.