Mattel has announced a new game it hopes will draw on the success of the classic card game Uno and in keeping with its status as a sequel, they're calling it Dos. Announcing the new addition in a video on their Facebook page, the company said that Dos would be available from March.

The game will have similar rules to the longtime favourite Uno, except that players will place down two piles of cards instead of one. Developers took two years preparing the new arrival, mostly seeing if it was different enough from its predecessor.

But Ray Adler, of Mattel's games division, told the Associated Press there were as yet no plans for Tres. "We're happy where we are with Dos right now."

Retailing initially at $5.99 (£4.31), the game will be available at Target stores in the US before a roll out to other retailers later in the year. The move comes as Mattel focuses on other classic brands like Barbie and Hot Wheels to try to turn around the company's fortunes.

Last year, Mattel's revenue fell 11% as kids looked more to apps and technology than toys, alongside the downfall of longtime staple Toys R Us. Uno, however, bucked the trend, with a rise in annual sales of 12%.

Mattel has pushed the brand with new versions featuring emojis and animals, as well as a way to play through Facebook messenger and an upcoming smartphone app.

"This game reveal is a big deal! Introducing DOS, the brand-new card game from the makers of UNO. Arriving this March at Target! " The company wrote on Facebook.