The Kestrel Hydro Naturists Spa has closed its doors after years of legal battles
The Kestrel Hydro Naturists Spa has closed its doors after years of legal battles Google Maps

A nudist spa has closed its doors after losing a string of legal battles because its sex dungeon breached green belt restrictions.

The Kestrel Hydro Naturists Spa, in the village of Stanwell Moor, Surrey, lost its latest hearing at the High Court, ending a four-year fight against its local council to remain open.

Spelthorne Borough Council argues the spa is in a private house and its modifications, which include a dungeon in the basement and sex cabins in the garden, are "inappropriate developments" on green belt land.

The spa, which has operated for ten years, has been ordered to close and demolish all structures so that the building can be returned to residential use.

Finally, this week the spa, which runs events called Kestral Bashes and AbFabParties for up to 250 people, sent a notice to its members admitting that it had run out of legal options.

In a post on its website, it stated: "Dear members, As you know, we've been fighting a long battle with the council to keep Kestrel and AbFabParties open and we would like to thank all of you for your help and support throughout this period.

"However, it is now prudent that we close both Kestrel and AbFabParties.

"We are looking to relocate to commercial premises, so this is not the end for us. It will take some time but please don't lose faith and come back to us once we reopen."

The spa opened seven days a week and charged couples £40 to attend, with single women paying £15 and single men £50.

It provided a swimming pool, a sauna, aJacuzzi, a fetish room and free towels. However, it advised members to bring their own flip-flops to walk between the activities.

Sex cabins were used for "one-to-one" sessions between couples, and came complete with mattresses and towels.

The bosses at the spa first crossed swords with the council in 2013 when, after anonymous complaints, it was discovered the building was being used as an adult private members' club, reported getSurrey.

A planning inspector said that while guests at the spa were not obliged to engage in sexual activity, it was clearly encouraged and facilitated.

The company appealed to the High Court where the case was dismissed, before going to London's Court of Appeal in July 2016.

But Lord Justice Lindblom sitting at the High Court threw out the spa's request and ordered that it demolish the sex dungeons and cabins.

He agreed with the council and said the buildings were built without planning permission and were an "inappropriate development" on green belt land.

Mr Justice Lindblom added: "The structures the council says must be taken down are part and parcel of the unauthorised mixed use, having been constructed for that purpose. They were intrinsically part of the breach of planning control."