Maya Hawke shared her fears that filming for "Stranger Things" Season 4 will be isolating and lonely because of the social distancing guidelines.

The 22-year old shared her excitement to get back on the set. She said that everyone is "just sort of taking it day by day and waiting for the right moment but everyone is dying to go back to work." But then again, the pandemic also has her worried. She shared her fears that filming would not be the same as before. She thinks that it will be lonely and scary.

"I'm intimidated by how scary it could be and how much lonelier the filming process could become, you know how much separation between people and groups of people and people with different jobs," Hawke told ET Canada in a recent virtual interview.

"An amazing thing about making movies is everybody comes together and everybody's jobs are just as important as anyone else's, and everyone has to do their best, or else it all goes to hell," she added.

She admitted that she is "worried about the togetherness being lost." But then she said that she will see what happens and shared her excitement to experience it.

Hawke, who plays the feisty Robin Buckley, also talked about the closed-set environment in the filming. She hoped that this will help complete the production on "Stranger Things" Season 4.

"There's this thing they do sometimes especially during intimate scenes or they call it closed set. It kind of sometimes be one of the more amazing acting experiences because it feels a lot quieter and it feels a little bit freer," she explained.

"I have hope that maybe what could happen is that the closed set environment could start to spread into the making of a whole movie, which is that the only people who are really in the space with the actors are the people who need to be there," Hawke added.

Netflix has yet to announce a return date for filming "Stranger Things" Season 4. Hawke said it looked "incredibly likely" that production will restart in September.

Maya Hawke
Glenn Francis/ Commons