If you'e looking to apply for a credit card, there are and always have been many to choose from, ones that really stick out from the crowd are the ones that have been good enough to last. MBNA offer such a market-leading deal, packaged as a balance transfer credit card offering.

The MBNA 0% Balance Transfer credit card comes with, 0% on balance transfers for an above than your average 16 months from your account opening, (when made within the first 60 days), as well as a below the norm low 2.88% handling fee.

However it doesn't stop there, despite the name, the Balance Transfer card also comes with a 0% on purchases for 3 months as well. For both purchases and balance transfers the standard rate of interest is 16.7% APR (typical) variable.

Speaking about the new visa credit card, Will Curley, product executive for Bank of America Europe Card Services, which operates under the MBNA brand in the UK, said: "Our customers tell us they are looking for better offers in the market, and that is what we are delivering.

"We are constantly searching for new ways to bring more choice, simplicity and value to all that we do, including delivering a suite of products that offer real value for customers."

New credit card applications will also get the long awaited contactless technology as standard on their new card and will also be part of the new payment allocation changes which will result in their higher interest balances paid off first.