RusBurger menu boasts a Czar cheeseburger among other Russian culinary dishes Twitter @grubstreet

Russia's contentious annexation of Crimea has played out in the peninsula's fast food industry, as a former McDonald's has been replaced by a RusBurger in the capital Sevastopol.

The McDonald's signage has been replaced by signs from RusBurger, according to local newspaper Sevastopolskiye Novosti.

In a move not recognised by the European Union and the United States, Moscow seized the Crimea territory in a March referendum.

McDonald's closed its three fast food outlets in Crimea after Russia suddenly absorbed the territory in to the Russian Federation in April, citing manufacturing reasons. The American fast food giant offered to relocate staff to Ukrainian branches at the time.

Shortly after the annexation there was talk that Burger King could take up the vacant Sevastopol building but that move was quickly rejected by the Burger King's parent company.

The RusBurger could be open by the end of July, according to Sevastopolskiye Novosti, citing the progress on decorating work at the restaurant.

Crimeans can expect a menu featuring the Czar cheeseburger and the Bogatyr sandwich, named after ancient Russian warriors.