A 94-year-old Chinese lady has earned the nickname 'Kung Fu Grandma' after impressing the world with her incredible martial arts.

Zhang Hexian lives in a small village in east China's Zhejiang Province. Her hometown is known as the 'village of martial arts' as most residents practice kung fu. Zhang is the eighth descendant in her family to practice martial arts.

Zhang's father taught her kung fu when she was just four years old. "When we woke up in the morning, we started practising kung fu in bed. I learned basic martial arts skills such as pushing palm and throwing a punch at an early age," she said.

Martial arts has helped Zhang stand up to bullies in the past. She recalled how she once taught a man, who beat his wife, a lesson. She grabbed hold of his collar, ripped his shirt off and urged him to behave.

Zhang has spent nine decades diligently practising kung fu and it is now part of the 94-year-old's daily routine. Her son Feng Chuanyin said: "She wakes up very early and does physical exercises every morning. She also usually runs around the village for morning exercise."

Feng added that his mother is in very good health and always in good spirits. "She always has a good mood with a positive attitude. Helping others is also good for her health," he said.