Megan Fox went on a hallucinogenic trip with her boyfriend Machine Gun Kelly and came back with a life-changing experience.

During an appearance on Jimmy Kimmel Live on Monday, Fox recalled the time that she drank ayahuasca, a psychoactive tea or brew that is used as a spiritual medicine and can send its user on a hallucinogenic "trip," some enlightening and others downright distressing. It was the latter for the actress, who felt that she "went to hell for eternity" after taking the tea.

"So we went to Costa Rica to do ayahuasca in a proper setting with indigenous people. So I was thinking it was like glamping, like it was gonna be some kind of five-star experience," she recalled.

The 35-year-old explained that there was a lengthy process for the interested people to prepare their bodies before taking the drink. "You get there and you really are in the middle of the jungle, and you don't get to eat after 1 p.m. You have to walk a very far distance to get your water and you can't shower because they're in a drought," she recounted.

"[There was] nothing glamourous about it and it's all a part of making you vulnerable so you sort of surrender to the experience," the mother-of-three noted.

The actress further recalled that towards the end of the preparations for the spiritual ceremony, she, MGK, and "20 other strangers" were lined up together to induce vomiting so they could empty their stomachs before drinking the tea. "That gets you ready to then go into the ceremony that night because you're like, my vanity is gone, I've just done this in front of all of these strangers and now I'm ready to really open up," she said.

Fox said that she and her musician boyfriend had their reservations about throwing up, which was a necessary step in the process, but they found it "a good bonding experience" overall.

The actual ceremony and drinking the ayahuasca tea went on for three nights, and was "incredibly intense." The actress said that though "everybody's journey is different," she "went to Hell for eternity on the second night."

"Just knowing it's eternity is torture in itself, because there's no beginning, middle or end. So you have a real ego death," she said. However, the actress believes that the brew helped her open up in a way that "talk therapy or hypnotherapy" could not.

"It just goes straight into your soul and it takes you to the psychological prison that you hold yourself in. So it's your own version of hell, and I was definitely there," she explained.

Megan Fox
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