Melania Trump reportedly longed for privacy when she was in constant public view as the first lady of the United States, and has been "relieved" that she was able to leave that life behind in Washington. Though her husband Donald Trump has revealed his plan to run for the White House on several occasions since they left, Melania does not want any part of it.

According to a report in People magazine, those close to Melania say that she does not want to go back to four years of controversy, international scrutiny, headlines, and expectations about her role as national hostess, advocate and wife that she had to deal with during her time in White House. A political source said about the former first lady, "Melania does not like being in the public eye and has made it clear that she isn't interested in doing it again. She likes family and her private life. The media glare is not for her."

"She was relieved when her husband's term ended," the insider added.

The former model tried to stay on the sidelines when her husband ran for the top office in 2016 and 2020, but will skip it altogether if he does it for the third time in the 2024 presidential elections. The source, however, noted that it is "all speculation" as of now and "nothing has been decided about whether President Trump will run in the next election."

As per the source, the rumours are giving the former POTUS an "opportunity to raise money, which he is very good at doing," while his wife is enjoying her life at their Palm Beach home in Florida.

Free from her duties as the first lady, Melania is now placing her entire focus on her only son Barron Trump. The 15-year-old recently started school at Oxbridge Academy in West Palm Beach, founded by Florida entrepreneur-billionaire Bill Koch, who contributed money to his father's past campaigns.

Though mothers of other students are "nervous about the added security around the grounds," Barron is expected to fit in well in the school, which uses a creative approach to education and hires teachers who have life experiences in their disciplines. A social source said that Melania is "totally involved with Barron's education, after-school activity and overall well-being."

"She is not one bit interested in another campaign, and certainly not participating in it. If he runs, I doubt she will be involved at all," the insider said, adding that in case her husband wins again, "that would be the worst-case scenario for her."

Donald and Melania Trump
Then US President Donald Trump and his wife Melania Trump (pictured December 5, 2020 at a rally in Valdosta, Georgia) Photo: AFP / Andrew CABALLERO-REYNOLDS