A member of the Indian cricket team's sponsor contingent has been arrested by the local police in Zimbabwe for allegedly raping a woman at the Meikles Hotel in Harare. Assistant Police Comissioner Charity Charamba in the capital confirmed the arrest.

"The victim has pointed to an Indian national from the batch that came in last week, at this point I am not in the position to reveal whether it's a player or official as I am bound by law. But, what I can confirm is that the accused appeared in court on Saturday. We have concluded our investigation, but both the police and courts have to handle the issue with care as it can lead to a diplomatic feud," she said, as quoted by New Zimbabwe.

The Harare police did not name the individual, but confirmed that it was an Indian national who was staying in the same hotel as the MS Dhoni-led side. The hotel staff also confirmed that no other Indian national other than Team India had checked into the hotel in the past week.

As per reports, a source close to the developments has reportedly said that accused allegedly drugged the victim. "It is a funny story really because it claimed that the woman was loitering the passages at the hotel and was invited for drinks. She claims to have been drugged, then waking up with bloodied undergarments in one of the member's rooms, with no clue on how she reached the room."

India's High Commissioner to Zimbabwe is reportedly trying to resolve the matter. However, ANI has now reported that the individual was not a cricketer but an Indian affiliated to one of the sponsors.