Make-up counters for men could be introduced within the next five years, according to the UK head of L'Oreal. Vismay Sharma, the UK managing editor of the cosmetics firm, told the Telegraph that there was a growing demand for make-up specifically for men.

He said there could be counters in department stores aimed at men in the next five to seven years. "Today you have a very small proportion of men who want to use make-up products, but that proportion is growing and it will continue to grow," Sharma told the newspaper.

"I think it's just awareness - two things are happening: men know they can use make-up, and they know what it does when you use it.

"The second thing is that the taboos are going, so between my generation and my son's generation the taboos are very different."

Online retailer Asos recently began to sell make-up for men with the established brand MMUK MAN. Co-founder Alex Dalley, who set up the £1m company in 2011, said: "We're absolutely delighted to announce the launch at ASOS.

"We hope that this move places make-up for men on the radars of thousands of guys out there who simply want to look their best everyday."