Actress Meryl Streep closed out the Women in the World Summit in New York City's Lincoln Center on 8 April. The summit saw a range of politicians, journalists, academics, activists and celebrities take to the stage to speak out on various issues affecting women across the globe.

Streep said that the inroads made by women were all "very, very, very, very recent, only a little bit more than a hundred years ago, which is a fraction of a millisecond on the whole human clock".

The three-time Oscar-winning actress also broke out into song, from Broadway hip-hop musical Hamilton, singing The Room Where it Happens. Latino performer and composer Lin-Manuel Miranda made headlines and won awards with a show that is hailed as transforming both theatre and the way Americans think about 18th century history.

Women in the World was founded by media personality Tina Brown with the first summit taking place in New York City in 2010. It has since expanded worldwide with forums in Sao Paulo, Dubai, London and New Delhi.