The Metropolitan Police bomb disposal squad were called out to detonate a World War Two hand grenade that was found along the banks of the River Thames in London.

Local artist Nicola White discovered the grenade by Enderby Wharf in Greenwich around 8pm on 14 June. After calling police, ordinance experts from Scotland Yard were dispatched to conduct a controlled explosion of the device at around 9:30pm.

Ms White then posted a video to YouTube of the explosion, explaining underneath. "For all those of you in Greenwich who heard a very loud bang at about 9.30pm, it was the Police bomb disposal unit detonating a grenade I stumbled across earlier this evening".

Mudlarking is the old practice of scavenging for items of value that have been washed up from a river on to its muddy shore.

The loud explosion caused by the detonation was reported to be heard up to three miles away, with people in the area taking to social media to report hearing the blast. One user asked, "Massive bang/explosion sound just now in Greenwich...anybody know what it was?" whilst another exclaimed, "Big explosion! Lol woke most of Greenwich up!"

Police confirmed that they were called out to the scene after reports of a hand grenade found and that the controlled detonation took place at 9:33pm.