MetaQuotes Software Corp has started registration for the Automated Trading Championship 2012, which carries a prize of $80,000.

The Automated Trading Championship 2012 is a competition of forex trading robots. Its distinguishing feature is the complete autonomy of the automated trading programs that participate.

During the judging, trading robots run in accordance with the implemented algorithm and without any intervention or adjustment on the part of their authors. At the end of the contest we will see which trading strategies and algorithms are most effective for trading in the forex market.

It is the sixth year of the championship and with each year, the complexity of participating trading robots and their profitability grow. The winner of one championship increased his initial deposit 17 times in just three months.

"The main goal of the championship is to popularise automated trading and to accumulate a unique knowledge base in this area," said Gaies Chreis, the COO of MetaQuotes Software Corp.

"Participation is free and the event is open to public. After the championship, all the trading and analytical information on the performance of the participating robots is available to everyone for further research," he added.

The company has launched a special website to publish detailed information on all trading robots. In real time you can watch all trading operations and analyse detailed reports of each trading program.

The competition organisers are publishing research on automated trading, interviews with top participants, analytical reviews and reports to give a better understanding of the work of trading robots and learn about their possibilities.

Entry is open until 21 September. To participate in the competition, prepare and submit a trading robot that meets the championship rules.

The Automated Trading Championship 2012 runs from 1 October to 28 December. The three best developers, whose trading robots finish with the highest profit, will share the prize money of $80,000.

The organiser of the Automated Trading Championship 2012 is MetaQuotes Software Corp. The sponsors are Alpari (UK) Limited, United World Capital, RoboForex LP and