Zaharie Ahmad Shah
Captain Zaharie Ahmad Shah was at the controls of flight MH370 claim the authors of new book about the tragedy.

Intriguing new details about doomed flight MH370 have been revealed by the wife of pilot Zaharie Ahmad Shah, who has reportedly broken her silence on her husband.

Two investigators claim the missing pilot's wife, Faisa Shah, revealed to them for the first time that Shah was controlling the flight when it vanished, on March 8.

New Zealand-based authors Geoff Taylor and Ewan Wilson said it resolved uncertainty about who was piloting the Boeing 777 jumbo jet, when it veered off-course en-route to Beijing from Kuala Lumpur.

They said Faisa Shah's son had also confirmed his father was in control of the flight, meaning it was he who delivered the fateful farewell: "Good Night Malaysian 370" -- the last word heard from the doomed airliner with 339 passengers on-board.

But the Antipodean sleuths did not explain was how Shah's relatives knew this for certain.

Taylor and Wilson claimed the revelation meant Shah had to be the top of the list for investigators trying to find out what befell MH370.

Geoff Taylor told Stuff: ''In the three months-plus since the flight went down, no one in the media has been able to get close to Zaharie's widow.

''We were lucky to get confirmation from her that it was him who was at the helm. It's a breakthrough, because that was an unknown until now.

"It puts Zaharie right in the mix."

Taylor said Malaysians were reluctant to think that Shah could have had direct involvement in the mystery of what happened to MH370.

He said: "Pilots are very well respected there and they rejected the implication he could be involved. It's a much more palatable option that it could have been something mechanical.

''We went over there with an open mind. It sounds corny, but we really are pursuing the truth. It's going to be interesting to see how this book will be received.''