Michael Jackson
A series of deals since Michael Jackson's death could lead to 2014 being his biggest year posthumously Reuters

Pop superstar Michael Jackson could manage to make an additional $150m (£96m) in 2014, despite having been dead for five years.

Since his death, the Jackson estate has continued to rake in the cash through a series of deals which could lead to 2014 being the biggest year since his premature demise.

It made $250m when Jackson's lawyer John Branca and close friend and music producer John McClain extended the singer's contract with his label Sony Corp.

He continued to keep the cash flowing from continuing sales of his posthumous film This is It – a compilation of footage from rehearsals shortly before his death.

The Immortal World Tour, a Cirque du Soleil act dedicated to his life which performed a collection of his and the Jackson Five's music, has made him and his peers an additional $371m.

Official court documents show that since his death, the Jackson estate has managed to make more than $600m from the deceased idol.

US news outlet Bloomberg has said that with all of the above combined, 2014 could be the Jackson estate's biggest financial year since the former Jackson Five front man passed away and that their added wealth could be in excess of $150m for 2014.

The late 'King of Pop' joins a host of stars such as Elvis Presley and John Lennon who have continued to amass a fortune from beyond the grave.