Michael Le Vell has denied all the charges against him (ITV)
Michael Le Vell has denied all the charges against him (ITV)

A mother broke down in tears in court as she claimed that Coronation Street actor Michael Le Vell raped her daughter "on a regular basis".

The woman, who cannot be named for legal reasons, said her life "exploded" when he daughter told her about the alleged crimes committed by Le Vell.

The 48-year-old defendant, charged under his real name of Michael Turner, is on trial Manchester Crown Court accused of 12 offences against a girl between 2001 and 2010. The charges include five counts of rape.

The actor, who plays the part of Kevin Webster in the popular ITV soap, denies all charges.

During the second day of trial, the alleged victim's mother told the court how the child told her of "all the times" Le Vell raped.

She said: "My life just exploded. She was just very calm. I just stood and hugged her, held her hand. She said: 'It's like evil comes over him, he doesn't know he's doing it. It's stopped now.'"

She added she believed Le Vell had "molested and abused her on a regular basis and there have been a number of rapes".

She confronted La Vell and said to him "She's made an accusation. You raped her when she was younger.

"Before I finished that sentence he said, 'Oh you are joking This is a joke. It's a joke You are having a laugh."'

Little lie

The alleged victim previously told the court how Le Vell first raped her when she was six years old while he held a teddy bear against her mouth.

He allegedly told her: "It's OK, just keep calm, stay asleep. I'm going to get rid of the evil."

The witness, who was screened from the court to protect her identity, was asked about "inconsistencies" between her evidence to police and at the trial.

Alisdair Williamson, defending, asked why she had remembered more about the alleged attacks in court than when she was first interviewed by police. She said had had "a lot more flashbacks" and was very confused at the time of the complaint.

Williamson told the court that the girl had told police that she had never told anyone about the alleged abuse. He accused the witness of telling "a little lie" and said she had "told lots of girls" about it.

"I told two friends because they saw me crying," the witness replied.

Williamson continued: "The officer came to see you because you told people and you told the officer a little lie.

"You told him you had not told the girls - they had just guessed. I suggest that was a little lie."

"No" she replied.

Le Vell, of Trafford, is accused of rape, indecent assault, sexual activity with a child, and causing a child to engage in sexual activity.

The trial continues.