Michel Platini
Michel Platini has entered the fray to be Sepp Blatter's successor Getty

Michel Platini has announced his decision to run for Fifa president to replace Sepp Blatter. Uefa president Platini is confident he will have the necessary support ahead of next February's election, confirming his candidacy in a letter written to Fifa's 209 member associations.

"This was a very personal, carefully considered decision, one in which I weighed up the future of football alongside my own future," the statement read.

"I was also guided by the esteem, support and encouragement that many of you have shown me. There are times in life when you have to take your destiny into your own hands. I am at one of those decisive moments, at a juncture in my life and in events that are shaping the future of Fifa."

Blatter, who has held the position as the head of world football's governing body for 17 years, will stand down at an extraordinary congress in February 2016 following the corruption crisis that has engulfed the organisation.

Other candidates for the presidency will have until 26 October to be nominated. Platini was re-elected for a third four-year term at the helm of Uefa in March.