A Hungarian video journalist caught on camera kicking and tripping refugees is being questioned by the country's police. Petra Lazlo was picked up on the "reasonable suspicion" that she kicked an illegal immigrant and tripped another one, the force said in a statement on its website.

The offences were "recorded by multiple cameras," they said, adding that the investigation was launched on the suspicion that she had breached the peace.

Police major Szadolcs Szdnti told the IBTimes UK that Lazlo had been questioned by police in Hungary's capital Budapest and the case would be continued by the force in Dsongrad County.

"She is not in custody, she is now free," he said, explaining that in Hungary the police investigate a case and a prosecuting attorney decides whether to pursue charges.

"It will be up to them whether she goes to court," he added.

Lazlo was filming for the N1TV station on 8 September, when she was caught putting out her leg and tripping a man carrying a child as he ran by, causing him to fall to the ground.

Along with hundreds of other refugees, he was attempting to break out of the Roeszke reception centre, a camp near the Hungarian-Serbian border.

She was later fired with "immediate effect" by N1TV, which has links to the far-right Jobbik Party. They said that she had "behaved unacceptably" in a statement.