One of Germany's newest residents has a somewhat familar name: Angela Merkel Muhammed.

The little girl was born last week to a migrant couple who fled Syria's bloody war and decided to name her in honour of the 63-year-old German chancellor whose policies allowed them to start a new life in 2015.

The St. Franziskus Hospital in the western city of Muenster told the dpa news agency Monday (21 August) that the little girl's first name is Angela, her middle name is Merkel, and last name is their family name of Muhammed.

But she's not the first new Angela Merkel. Dpa reports another baby was given the chancellor's name by a family seeking asylum in the city of Duisburg in 2015.

According to, Angela MM may not have to worry about other children sharing her name at school. "Angela" does not feature in the top 500 names given to German girls in 2016, with Mia, Emma and Sofia topping the pile instead.