(file photo) Reuters

A father in the US has attracted criticism over a birthday bash he threw for his son.

In footage uploaded to the video-sharing website YouTube, the 12-year-old boy appears to be dancing with his shirt off with two scantily clad older women.

According to the video description the occasion was the boy's birthday party to which his millionaire father had invited the strippers.

According to reports on Lanvanguardia and the US-based Spanish speaking television channel, EstrellaTV, the father was reportedly hoping to turn his "son into a man".

The boy can be seen gyrating with the strippers against the pole as well-wishers cheered him on.

At one point, another stripper places the boy's hands on the breasts of the other woman, who was wearing a bikini-bra.

The father can also be seen watching the whole time, smiling and laughing as the events unfolded.

In the comment section of the video, there was mixed reaction.

Marco Scodorbes felt the father "deserves a medal".

Another commentator, Gomera, failed to see the funny side, saying: "Would it be the same reaction if it were a 12-year-old girl with male strippers?"

And Alan Ancuna had similar thoughts, he said: "What would happen if we would turn the situation around? A 12-year-old girl with two half-naked men dancing, would it not be wrong?"

Video may contain distressing images