Pro-Jeremy Corbyn pressure group Momentum have announced plans to launch a nationwide political network for children, ahead of the airing of a critical documentary on the organisation this evening (19 September).

The Momentum Kids initiative will aim to increase the involvement of youngsters, parents and carers in the organisation and the Labour Party.

The group, initially founded by two mothers in Stroud, will expand across Momentum's network of 150 local groups from 24 September, as part of Labour's annual conference in Liverpool.

Momentum said workshops will feature a range of activities from storytelling to sharing campaigning skills among young people

Sasha Josette, one of the founders of Momentum Kids, said: "It sounds like such a cliche when you say it out loud but it remains true, our kids are the next generation of people who can change the world.

"We don't underestimate the contribution they can make. Let's create a space for questioning, curious children where we can listen to them and give them a voice."

The group made the announcement ahead of the airing of a critical documentary about Momentum by Channel 4's Dispatches show at 19:25 BST tonight.

The programme, based around undercover footage, is expected to reveal that a top Momentum activist urged members to "flood" into Labour, among other things.

Momentum claimed the undercover reporter volunteered for the group before joining the Jeremy for Labour campaign team as a paid staff member.

"Her dishonest actions have disappointed and hurt a number of people, but most especially many of the young volunteers she worked so closely with," a Momentum spokesman said.

"Having dishonestly gained employment, [the reporter] covertly filmed and recorded people, including young campaigners (under 18) and others who were in the campaign offices or at open meetings over an extended period.

"Those of the accusations made on the basis of information gained by [the undercover reporter] which are true are freely admitted. Many of them are a matter of public record."

Trotskyist group Alliance for Workers' Liberty, who are expected to be mentioned in the film, have branded the programme as a "grubby hack job", despite not viewing the documentary.

"With all this 'cloak-and-dagger' long-term secret filming, there must be something really dodgy going on, right? No," a report on the group's website said.

"We haven't seen the film but we believe it is a grubby hack-job at the service of Tom Watson, the Labour Party bureaucracy and those Labour MPs who started plotting to get rid of Jeremy Corbyn almost as soon as he got the keys to the Leader's office."