Swedish super group Abba have ruffled a few feathers after asking fans for cash to fund their next official release.

The millionaires, who are one of the most successful bands in music history, are using crowd-funding website, PledgeMusic.com, to ask for donations of £195 from their loyal supporters.

In return for their contribution Abba fans can expect copies of Abba - The Official Photo Book before it is released.

"This extraordinary book contains more than 600 pictures, more than 100 of which have never previously been published," the appeal reads.

"See images from the pre-ABBA years, the formation of the band, ABBA's incredible rise to success with their break-through at the 1974 Eurovision Song Contest in Brighton and the rocket ride to global super-stardom that followed.

"Private photographs are included as well as unpublished pictures by famous press photographers, alternative shots from album cover shoots and behind-the-scenes pictures from the major tours."

Some fans have questioned why such a wealthy group have resorted to using a service designed to help struggling artists in the music industry.

"What chutzpah to ask for almost 200 for just being a fan...of course there are suckers who will, every day, bite on something as somewhat stupid as this," one unimpressed fan said.

Another wrote: "I wonder if the ABBA machine has any idea how insulting this is to their fans especially at this time of year. Money money money....quite."

Abba, whose hits include Mama Mia and Fernando, has sold more than 400 million records. Their catalogue of hits is exceeded only by The Beatles.