Afghanistan has been repeatedly targeted by the Taliban throughout last year REUTERS/Stringer/File Photo

Russian foreign ministry on Tuesday, (24 January) said that any attempt by the United States to withdraw from Afghanistan could make the situation in the south Asian country worse, Reuters reported citing Interfax news agency.

"As far as I know, Trump does not currently have any intentions to withdraw, which is logical, because if in the current environment he decides to withdraw the contingent, then everything will collapse," Zamir Kabulov, special representative to the Russian president on Afghanistan said to Interfax.

The ministry added that they have not spoken to US President Donald Trump on this issue.

On Monday, (23 January) Taliban published an open letter to Trump on their web page, which is verified by the SITE Intelligence Group, saying that "The responsibility to bring to an end this war rests on your shoulders."

The group further described the war to be a "quagmire" and said that the United States lost all credibility after spending billions of dollars over 15-years with no end in sight to the war.

Taliban has previously urged the US and its allies to leave Afghanistan, while ruling out peace negotiations with the government of Afghanistan as long as foreign forces remain on Afghan soil.

The number of US forces in Nato coalition dwindled down to 8,400 this year. Trump has not outlined his policy for Afghanistan though he did mention that he would support the US troops there and appointed General James Mattis and Michael Flynn in key posts. Both have had extensive experience with Afghanistan in top security positions.