A luminous-green Lamborghini supercar suffer extensive damage following a crash in Nottingham late last night.

The incident occurred after the driver lost control and collided with a lamppost at a junction between Queens Road and Carrington Street, at around 21:10 on Sunday (February 26).

British Transport Police Nottinghamshire attended the scene and posted pictures of incident to their Twitter account. They say the driver was shaken but left physically unharmed. Nottingham fire and ambulance services also assisted in the emergency response operation.

They wrote: "BTP Officers assisting Notts Police and Notts Fire brigade at RTC at the junction of Carrington Street and Queens Road. No persons hurt. @nottspolice @nottsfire #Teamwork"

Pictures show how debris from the crash forced police to partially close the road to oncoming traffic. The rear of the £200,000 sportscar was left hanging off while the vehicle's rear right wheel came off upon imapct with the lamppost.

One user who saw their post wrote: "Ouch!!! Glad nobody was hurt #awkwardcalltoinsurance"

"Might be able to salvage the radio for scrap on ebay", another said.

One person who you won't find speeding around in sportscar any time soon is Pope Francis. The pontiff was handed the keys to an Lamborghini Huracan by the car's manufacturer late last year.

The car, specially painted in Vatican colours white and gold, will be auctioned by Sotheby's later this year and is expected to fetch significantly more than its usual retail price of £151,000. Proceeds will go to charities supporting Iraqi Christian victims of Isis persecution.

Lamborghini nottingham
The incident happened at a junction near Nottingham station on Sunday night British Transport Police/Twitter