Do you have one of the most stressful jobs in the UK? If you are a nurse, teacher or work as a welfare professional you do, according to a new report into work-related stress.

These are listed as the top three "most stressful jobs" in a new report on work-related stress, anxiety and depression from the Health and Safety Executive (HSE).

The study analysed data from the Labour Force Survey, which was sent to 37,000 British households, in the period 2014-2017.

It found that per 100,000 workers, more than 4% of welfare professionals suffered from work-related stress, while 3% of nurses and midwives and 2.6% of teachers experienced stress in the workplace. The legal and business industries also make it into the top five most stressful professions.

The main cause of stress was related to workload pressure and being handed too much responsibility without adequate support, the survey found.

A total 12.5 million working days, 49% of all sick days taken, were lost last year due to work-related stress, the report stated.

The survey found that women were 60% more likely to suffer from work-related stress than men.

In this period, 1,880 cases of depression and anxiety were reported among women, compared with 1,170 cases among men.

Women in the age category 35-44 experienced the most stress, with 2,430 cases per 100,000 employees recorded.

Darren Best of Savoy Stewart, who carried out the data analysis, told the Daily Mail: : "Analysis of the official statistics suggests that things in the labour market are not changing for the better for women when it comes to work related stress. Occupations with traditionally high proportions of female employees have continuously highest work-related stress rates."

"This means that the current measures to relieve stress at workplace aren't bringing results and that the issue perhaps isn't receiving enough attention from relevant authorities."