On January 27, 2019, two children were beaten savagely by their stepfather, Tony Essobti Badre. While the older child, eight-year-old Noemi, survived the beating, her seven-year-old brother Giuseppe did not. The attack on the children occurred in front of their mother, Valentina Casa, in their home in Naples, Italy. Instead of protecting her children, the woman tried to shield her partner by lying to the emergency services as well as the police. The couple was arrested for the child's death. Prosecutors Paola Izzo and Fabio Sozio have appealed for life sentences for both the parents.

The siblings were playing in the family's home when they managed to damage the headboard of their parents' bed. This enraged their 25-year-old stepfather, who decided to cruelly discipline the children. He started beating them with his hands and eventually with a broomstick. After the brutal beating, the bloodied and bruised children were left in the home while he went out to run errands.

Casa was in the home when her children from a previous relationship were being abused by her partner. She did nothing to prevent the abuse. Once Badre left, she started to clean up the children's blood. While Giuseppe was dying on the sofa, his mother did nothing to save him. Hours after the children were beaten bloody, their mother called emergency services.

When the emergency services arrived at the home in Cardito, Naples the woman tried to cover up her partner's act of violence. She said that the children were injured after being run over, Giustizia News24 reported. She even hid the broken pieces of the broom which the man had used to beat the children.

While the paramedics were unable to save Giuseppe, his sister was removed from the custody of the couple. Both Badre and Casa were arrested while the death was being investigated. Badre admitted to beating the children leading to the child's death.

In the case of Badre, prosecutors have requested life in prison with daytime solitary confinement for 18 months. They have also requested the court to sentence Casa to life in prison for her role in her son's death, InterNapoli.it reported.

The trial continues.

Handout picture of a mentally handicapped child with signs of physical abuse
7-year-old beaten to death by step-father while mother failed to intervene. (representational image) Reuters