A plumber discovered the remains of a new-born baby three years after it had been dumped down a drain.

Sinead Connett, from Grimsby, had disposed of her full-term baby, named William, in a towel and three bin liners in the garden of the house after he was born in August 2013.

The 29-year-old HR executive admitted concealing the birth and secretly disposing of his body at Grimsby Crown Court and has been jailed for 12 months.

The judge Jeremy Richardson QC described her conduct as "deplorable".

He added, reported the BBC: "There is no escaping the fact that your dead son laid buried in a drain at your parents' home for three years. You gave that infant no dignity in death whatsoever."

The court had heard how Connett initially told police that she had kept her pregnancy a secret because she had been raped by a taxi driver after a work night out and was scared her relationship with her partner would break down if she was pregnant.

In fact, the baby was hers with her partner. William was thrown down a drain in Scartho Road after he died on 6 or 7 August 2013.

Tests revealed that the baby had suffered a fractured skull but this may have been caused by the removal of the baby from the drain, and a postmortem found the cause of the baby's death as inconclusive.

After the morbid discovery, Humberside Police had took voluntary DNA samples from the Connett family and blood on the towel, in which the baby was wrapped that matched that of Sinead Connett.

Connett later admitted the child was hers, after voluntarily visiting a police station, claiming that the baby was stillborn in her bathroom.

Prosecutor Jeremy Evans said that Connett claimed she realised he was not breathing and tried to resuscitate the baby by breathing into his mouth.

She then drove him to her parents' home and lowered him into a drain, reported The Sun.

Judge Richardson added: "What we needed was the truth. What you provided was a catalogue of lies. You lied repeatedly and made a very serious but bogus allegation of rape."