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One person has been seriously injured by an explosion near an Istanbul police station close to the city's Ataturk International Airport. Vasip Şahin, the governor of Istanbul, said a motorbike bomb caused the blast.

At least five people were injured in the explosion, one seriously, according to initial reports. reports. Governor Şahin's office later said the number of injured was 10, and all the wounded were in stable condition.

All of those injured were civilians, according to the statement.

Photographs from the scene show cars with their windows smashed and bodywork covered in dents from shrapnel from the blast.

Mr Şahin said the attack struck Fatih Street, which leads to a mosque along an avenue of busy shops and cafes. No-one has claimed responsibility for the attack.

Witnesses told CNN Turk thet heard a powerful explosion as well as gunshots. Turkish police sealed off the area of the explosion, and a police officers hunted for the attacker.

Witnesses said a person wearing a black coat, jeans and black helmet fled the scene just before the blast, reported Hurriyet.

In recent months there have been a series of terror attacks in Turkey, with Islamic State (Isis) militants responsible for a deadly attack on Ataturk International Airport in June, and Kurdish PKK offshoot, TAK, responsible for two attacks in Ankara earlier in the year.