Mission is located near the Arc de Triomphe in western Paris Benoit Tessier/Reuters

A motorcycle exploded outside Jordan's military mission in Paris on Wednesday morning (4 October), a spokesman for Jordan's foreign ministry said.

The fire caused minor damage to vehicles outside the mission, but no people were injured in the incident.

No staff at the mission were wounded, the spokesman said, as quoted by Petra news agency.

"A motorbike exploded in front of the building where the military attache's office is. The police are investigating," an embassy official said, as quoted by Reuters. "It doesn't seem to be an intentional act that targets Jordan."

He added that the Jordanian ambassador had been reassured about the safety of his staff at the mission.

Paris police officials are investigating the incident, but said there was no nothing to suggest was linked to terrorism.

A few police officers were guarding the mission, which is located on the busy Avenue Foch in the west of the capital, not far from the Arc de Triomphe.

Many embassies and consulates are located around the prestigious avenue.