Man with dreadlocks

A university in northern Mozambique has banned students from having dreadlocks or wearing sandals, shorts and tight dresses. The document, shared on Twitter, said that the ban would come into force from 3 April and was an effort to stamp out what it branded "inadequate dressing".

UniZambeze, a college in the city of Beira, made the ruling one day after Zambia issued a warning against "indecent dressing in public".

Many Twitter users reacted negatively to the restrictions, but others welcomed them.

One said the ban was needed as "dressing code in public institutes here [in Mozambique] is an issue."

But another said the ban on tight dresses was expected, but one on dreadlocks was "baffling".

Zambian police said it would start arresting people wearing "mini dresses, tight-fitting dresses, ripped jeans, belly button exposing tops, lace attire and sagging trousers".

The ban in Zambia will be effective from 1 April 2017.

NOTE: A statement attributed to a spokesperson for the Zambian police claimed the ban on "indecent dressing in public" was fake and members of the public should ignore it. The Zambia High Commission in London has not responded to a request for comments.