The first season of this year's Golden Globe-winning series Mr Robot ended with lead character Elliot coming to terms with the fact that he has some serious mental health issues. Clearly, fans can expect to see him fight his inner demons in season 2 — but there will also be some big twists, promises showrunner Sam Esmail.

Warning: Spoilers ahead

"There will be a lot more backstory that will be shown, the timeline will get a little clearer — not 100 percent clear, because where's the fun in that? But a little clearer... It really is about Elliott trying to reconcile what this means in seeing Mr. Robot. The series is filling in the blanks of the past and the present of this character... It's about a guy who becomes aware of this delusion he's been having," Esmail told Entertainment Weekly.

When asked if fans can look forward to more big twists, the showrunner — who will be directing all 10 episodes of season 2 — replied: "Probably. If I were a betting man, I would say yes."

In another interview with Esquire, Esmail gave a slightly more detailed picture of the season 2 storyline. "Now that we are aware of his [mental health] issues, Elliot has to address them. What happens after that realization? What are the steps you take to negotiate with it, reconcile with it, fight with it? That's sort of where we're taking the second season."

"Also, at the end of the first season we think that the mission is complete and that they were able to take down Evil Corp, but we see in the coda with that scene between WhiteRose and Philip Price that there are larger forces at play. As always," added the showrunner.

Mr Robot season 2 is rumoured to premiere in June/July of 2016.