Mrs Doubtfire
20th Century Fox

In the pantheon of unnecessary sequels, Mrs Doubtfire 2 is up/down there with Twins sequel Triplets and Sophie's Choice 2 – which thankfully isn't a real thing... yet.

David Berenbaum, best known for writing Christmas classic Elf is on board to pen the screenplay, with director Chris Columbus and star Robin Williams set to return, according to The Hollywood Reporter.

The 1993 original followed Williams' recently divorced actor as he attempts to see his sorely-missed children more by disguising himself as a Scottish nanny. At the end of the film the character gets joint-custody of the kids and a successful TV role as his alter-ego, so will they go next?

He could dress up to see his grandchildren more maybe, but that may come across as more than a little creepy. Fox 2000 are banking that's not the case.

Mrs Doubtfire might be the last good comedy to feature a cross-dressing star, with Eddie Murphy and Adam Sandler failing miserably with their attempts in Norbit and Jack & Jill respectively.

A sequel to the film has been touted for over a decade, with numerous drafts and writers trying to crack what is a hard story to follow up. The project had been lying dormant for some time but is now reinvigorated.

Meanwhile, here's a fan-made trailer that makes the original film look like a dark, twisted horror.