Sexual Assault H8/V11
Authorities are searching for a suspect in a sexual assault that occurred near the V11 in Milton Keynes Google Maps

A woman was dragged to the floor and sexually assaulted in front of her two young children in broad daylight. Thames Valley Police are appealing for help in finding the suspect following the incident in Milton Keynes, Buckinghamshire.

A man allegedly grabbed the victim and pulled her to the ground by her arm as her children watched. The victim was touched inappropriately over her clothing but managed to fight back, biting the suspect. He then fled the scene of the attack.

The alleged assault occurred near an underpass by the H8 and V11 junction near the Kingston Centre around 2pm on Thursday (25 January). Authorities said the suspect, who spoke with an accent that is possibly Romanian, ran towards V11.

The man was described as in his early to mid-twenties, thin, with light coloured eyes and short cropped black hair.

"I am appealing to anyone who may have any information about this serious offence to contact police as soon as possible," said detective inspector Ian Jarvis of Milton Keynes CID. "I believe the offender may have approached other members of the public prior to the attack."

Jarvis added: "If you saw a man acting suspiciously...please come forward."

Individuals with information are asked to call police on 101.