On January 13, a group of teenagers discovered body parts in a sports bag. Two days later, firefighters discovered more body parts from a burning vehicle. A forensic examination of the remains confirmed that they belong to Keane Mulready-Woods, who had been missing since December 12. Police have raided properties belonging to warring gangs to find out which group was responsible for the murder.

Mulready-Woods, who was involved with two sides of a gangland feud, went missing after he left his home that Sunday evening to meet a friend. His family reported him missing the next day. Hours after the family's missing report, some teenagers in the Coolock area of northside Dublin found human remains in a bag. A forensic team examined the limbs which were put in the sports bag and dumped.

Before the forensics team could complete the DNA test, firefighters made another gruesome discovery. An abandoned Volvo in Drumcondra was on fire. The Dublin Fire Brigade was alerted and they responded to the incident. After putting out the blaze, the firefighters discovered partial remains in the car.

Crime scene tape
Police await forensics reports to confirm the crime scene.

The Irish Sun reported that amidst the human remains was Mulready-Woods' head. The police confirmed that remains recovered from the bag and from the burning vehicle belonged to the troubled teen.

Mulready-Woods' DNA was already with the police after he was arrested for criminal intimidation. In December 2019, he was convicted for threatening the mother of another teenager who owed drug money to one of the gangs he was associated with. He broke one of the windows of the woman's home and threw a petrol bomb inside the house. He was released with a suspended sentence.

Police suspect that Mulready-Woods had been working for two gangs which are feuding. One of the gangs might have found out and decided to get rid of the teen for working for both sites. Multiple properties belonging to members of both gangs have been raided by the police. One of the homes had traces of blood.

The home, which has been suspected as the crime scene, remains cordoned off as the police await the forensic reports of the DNA samples sent in. The police reportedly found traces of blood and signs that attempts were made to clean it. DNA confirmation will help the police identify the gang which murdered the teen.