5. Mobile Phones
Some people will say goodbye to civilisation and revert back to the stone age when they give up their mobile phones this Lent. Guess it will have to be peguin post. IBTimes

Samsung may be announcing a 10.1-inch version of the Galaxy Note smartphone at Mobile World Congress at the end of February.

The already-enormous Galaxy Note features a 5-inch screen and stylus, making it sit half way between large smartphones and small tablets - Samsung already produces a 7-inch Galaxy Tab.

As spotted by tech site The Verge, Samsung appears to have revealed the Galaxy Note 10.1 on its own website, with the name appearing alongside the 5-inch model on an invitation sent to developers ahead of Mobile World Congress.

It is possible that Samsung accidentally wrote Note instead of Tab, but The Verge points out that "the dev event is going to be centered around the software development kits (SDK) for the S Pen, Samsung's own-branded Wacom inductive stylus, and the Bada 2.0 OS, suggesting that the demo devices would have to be compatible with at least one of those pieces of software."

TechRadar adds further fuel to the Note fire by claiming that "a casting call note requesting a 'Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1 user' for a commerical shoot in early February has emerged."

Filming a commercial in early February sounds like a sensible timeframe for a product that will, presumably, be announced at MWC which begins on 27 February and runs until 1 March.

It is worth noting that Samsung will not be hosting a keynote at the conference, suggesting that no major product announcement will be made. This news has already confirmed that the long-awaited Galaxy S3 smartphone will not appear at MWC, but an additional Note could still be on the cards.

There is, of course, the bizarre concept of Samsung wishing to sell a 10.1-inch smartphone, but the larger Note could simply be a tablet that, with headphones connected, is able to make cellular phone calls.