A mystery artist has been spray painting phaluses on potholes across Surrey.

The unknown person seems to be protesting the lack of action by the council over the area's problem with damaged roads.

On Sunday (December 3) residents from West Mosely noticed that a number of potholes had been tagged with the obscene artwork.

Some say the rogue artist is taking inspiration from 'Wanksy', a Manchester-based campaigner who in 2015 drew penises on roadside holes as a way to force the council to act.

Residents in the country have long complained about the issue.

According to 2016 figures, 33,179 potholes exist across Surrey.

Earlier in the year a teenage cyclist was seriously injured after he was unseated from his bike when he hit a pothole.

West Mosely resident Sam Parkhouse said: "It would be great to get these potholes filled in. In fact the whole road needs ripping up and starting again."

The council has discouraged council residents from taking matters into their own hands and asked locals to report the potholes online.

"Rather than reach for the spray paint, it is more effective to report potholes online through our website," the council said in a statement to GetSurrey.

"We have already resurfaced hundreds of miles of Surrey's roads through our Operation Horizon programme, but because of reducing funding from central government, it is getting more difficult to carry out improvements to our roads."

The council also admitted that it attempted to cover up some of the graffiti by using black paint to obscure the drawings.

Surrey motorists and cyclists think the art is a great way to make the council take note of a problem they have been complaining about for years.