The identity of the mystery woman, who raised an alarm after being spotted in tiny denim shorts strutting down the streets of Merseyside, North West England in freezing temperatures, has been revealed.

Abbie Crawford, originally from Portsmouth, England, responded to the controversy and her viral "half-naked" photos, saying she was not aware of the frenzy from the passers-by. She, in fact, laughed off the hullabaloo saying that those were her "pulling shorts".

After pictures snapped by a local, Kristy Holt, of 25-year-old Crawford in her skimpy shorts and jacket — appearing almost naked hip down — went viral on Facebook, a police hunt had started to track her down. Merseyside Police confirmed that they were called on by a concerned resident but no charges were made.

"We were called to reports of a woman walking down the road. Officers advised her to wear more appropriate clothing. No offences were committed," a spokeswoman for Merseyside Police told The Sun.

Responding to the scrutiny and the sudden buzz over her attire, Crawford has now told the news outlet that she didn't think much when she got dressed in her favourite Topshop shorts to run an errand.

"I wear them when I crave attention — and obviously they never fail me," the Merseyside woman was quoted as saying. "I needed to drop off a pair of shoes at my work, so put on my favourite pair of Topshop shorts and thought nothing of it.

"I think it's hilarious my trusty shorts got that much attention," she added, revealing how at the moment when she was being snapped by locals she didn't realise what was happening.

"I had my music in, so didn't notice anyone saying anything or looking at me in a funny way. My friend only just showed me the picture yesterday – I was stunned, I couldn't believe it," Crawford said.

The photo of Crawford walking down the Newton-Le-Willows in Merseyside, was shared on a community Facebook page, which in turn sparked quite a frenzy.

"If a man walked around like that they would get arrested for indecent exposure," someone had shared.

"Gotta love the earmuffs though, always keep your ears warm and closed at all times I say," added another, as per the newspaper.

While Holt, who had shared the picture online said, "I could not believe someone could be brave enough to wear next to nothing in this awful cold, fair play to her."