Natalia Poklonskaya
Natalia Poklonskaya has attracted an unprecedented fanbase Youtube/Pixiv

Ukraine's security service has placed Crimea's newly-appointed prosecutor-general Natalia Poklonskaya on a wanted list on charges of violent overthrow of constitutional order and takeover of government power.

Poklonskaya, who became an unexpected viral sensation in Japan inspiring her own anime-style fan art, described the EuroMaidan revolt as an "anti-constitutional coup" and said she did not "propagate Nazism, unlike certain regime functionaries in Kiev" during an emotional press conference following her appointment.

Clips of the conference were widely circulated on Japanese websites and social media. OneYouTube clip posted to channel YouTuni News has been viewed more than 400,000 times.

The Ukrainian National Service for Security and Defense accuse her of violating article 109 of the Criminal Code, which deals with overthrow of the government.

Poklonskaya, with her blonde hair and blue eyes, has captured the hearts of the Japanese people so much that hundreds of manga-style drawings of the 33-year-old has appeared online.

Her popularity appears to be growing in the West too with a subreddit created to celebrate all things Poklonskaya, who previously worked as a senior lawyer at the Ukrainian Prosecutor-General's Office, in Kiev and Crimea's Simferopol.

One Reddit user felt it necessary to tell the page's 3,000 subscribers how Poklonskaya should be praised for less superficial things than her physical appearance.

"This is not a subreddit dedicated to a pornstar, but to an eminent and skilled politician," wrote The BlindWatchmaker.

"If her career continues at its current pace it is very possible she could even become leader of the Crimean state by the age of 40.

"I hope you join me in recognising her as much more than just a pretty face."

Natalia Poklonskaya