Clubs of the National League have reportedly voted in favour of ending this year's regular season at its current point. They have further proposed a careful consideration of the matters related to "promotion" and "relegation."

It is understood that the league's board had requested the clubs included in all its three divisions to vote unitedly in favour of an immediate end to the season without playing any further games.

Previously, all major sporting tournaments across the world, including the National League, were postponed indefinitely because of the novel coronavirus pandemic.

BBC revealed that ninety percent of the clubs involved in the National League supported the decision of ending the current season.

The National League was temporarily suspended on March 16 in an attempt to contain the spread of the coronavirus. However, it is now confirmed that the league would see no further action until the next season.

Although some National League clubs, along with a few in the National League North and National League South divisions haven't voted, they will still get an opportunity to cast their votes. However, according to league officials, even if those clubs vote against the untimely ending of the season, that "would not change the outcome."

The National League released a statement, which reads, "In the knowledge that the ordinary resolution has passed, the League's board has chosen to communicate the decision now and before the last few responses are received, which will not change the outcome, to enable clubs to make business decisions with greater clarity as soon as possible. The options concerning the sporting outcomes of the 2019-20 season remain under careful and timely consideration."

Traditionally, two clubs are promoted into League Two from the fifth-tier while four clubs are relegated and they are replaced by the champions and play-off winners of each of the National League North and South divisions. This year, it seems that the rules might be bent a little.

Currently, the UK is wrestling with the devastating effects of COVID-19. More than 133,000 people in the UK have contracted the deadly disease, while the national death toll has crossed 18,000 already.

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All clubs across the numerous leagues are eager to return to practice, but given the current emergency, that doesn't seem anywhere near possible.

Although UEFA is considering August as a potential deadline for completing their European competitions, it is still unclear whether their vision could be realised.