The final security preparations are being put in place in Wales ahead of what some see as the most important Nato summit for some time. Key discussion points will be the alliance's response to events in Ukraine, the threat posed by Islamic State (formerly known as Isis) in Syria and Iraq and the transition to an advisory mission in Afghanistan.

A 12 mile security fence has been erected around Newport's Celtic Manor Resort, the main venue for the summit. Cardiff Castle is also encircled by a high fence.

Tourists and residents in Cardiff say the security measures are over zealous. "I just can't believe they actually need them when the castle has huge, great, big thick walls designed to keep baddies out. So it just seems ridiculous," said a tourist on one of Cardiff's open-top tour buses.

The 4-5 September summit will be attended by more than 150 heads of state and officials. Police have said that about 9,500 officers will secure the event, which is expected to draw a large number of protesters. Authorities have warned that a minority are expected to try to disrupt proceedings and challenge police.